I just came back from a cruise to the bahamas. The cruise itself was amazing and I had a great time. I even proposed to my girlfriend which was a huge success. Now, I also gambled on the cruise, probably a little more than I should have. I gambled so much that I got a free cruise offer on the last day as we were leaving. Which was awesome, by the way. But, I ended up losing money on this cruise.

Here are some tips for you if you are going to be gambling on a cruise ship:

  • Slots are tighter on cruise ships. Slots at your local land based casinos are regulated by some kind of gaming commision. Cruise lines do not need to follow these regulations so they can set their payout percentages lower.
  • Set yourself an allowance and stick to it! I want everyone to win and it’s definitely possible but chances are you are going to lose so don’t lose too much. See the money management section of my site for more information.
  • The casino is not open 24/7 on the ship. On my ship it was open from 11am to 4am on days at sea. if the ship was docked, the casino opened much later in the afternoon.
  • There are usually slot tournaments that run throughout the duration of your cruise. These can be fun and you could have the chance to win a free cruise or other great prizes if you win the final slot tournament.
  • Make sure to ask your casino host about promotions and a player’s club. You could earn free play and other great offers.
  • Chances are the casino on your ship is going to be quite smaller than your land based casino and the variety of machines on board will be limited. Just know this going in.

I did have a good time gambling on the cruise though and I had a couple of big wins. Only one over $400 dollars though. My advice is to have fun and just know that your chances of winning are going to be lower than if you were at a land based casino. The cruise line I sailed on was the Royal Carribean which I highly recommend.