Do you know Vanessa Rousso?

Vanessa is really a rare woman, as she is both a talented poker pro and a gorgeous young lady. Pretty much one of a kind. Yes there are other beautiful women, but none is making money playing poker like Vanessa does.

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Vanessa thinks that she is good at poker because she has a very strong capacity for analysis. This is from her university experience in economics and game theory. She can think logically and this is one of her greatest asset and the difference with other players. And she has also recently improved her emotional control in a big way, which is something she had to work since the start.

Even though Vanessa Rousso has not yet won a major title, she thinks that she will. Her recent win in May at the Monaco’s 79-entrant €25,000 EPT High Roller Championship (a high buy-in tournament where she pocketed 750,000 dollars) puts her in a good position. She thinks her first bracelet at the WSOP should not take much longer for her to get.

Is it an advantage to be such a beautiful woman when playing poker at the highest level? Yes it is. She remember that many times she was able to push a man to take big bets. Paradoxically some men are afraid of being fooled by a woman and this is precisely why they call big bets, as they are terrified at the thought of suffering a huge bluff from a lady. This happened several times and she enjoyed winning monstrous pot with the nuts.

At the WSOP 2010, Vanessa Rousso did quite well. She finished 5th in event 35, the heads up no-limit Hold’em championship where she earned $94,956. She had another small cash in. She has cashed in 12 times at the WSOP since 2005.

Women are finally taken seriously in the poker world today. This is especially true these days as young female players have performed well during major tournament. The new generation of fearless young women who are not intimidated by a mass of older men is rising.